What we believe

This is our attempt to set out as simply as we can, what we believe about God and all that stuff.  We are on a journey and we do not have everything figured out.  We accept some things in Faith in the hope that one day we will understand them more fully, and in the meantime we crack on with the adventure that is a life lived fully alive.

There are also things that we don’t understand and don’t all agree on, but it doesn’t stop us standing with each other and encouraging each other.

We believe there is one God and He created everything.  He is not constrained by time and is in everything, both seen and unseen.  He is the Ruler of the entire universe and is all powerful and present everywhere.  We believe that He exists in three persons:  God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit, but we don’t pretend to understand how He does this, we take it on faith.

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and that God speaks through it to help us live as we are designed.  We believe God also speaks directly to us, constantly, if we are willing to listen.  We don’t believe the Bible should ever be used to justify harm, abuse, discrimination or condemnation of anyone nor does the Bible when it commands us to love above all else.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God, that He was born by the virgin Mary and that He lived without Sin.  We believe in His miracles, that His death on the cross wiped out the separation from God caused by our “thinking our way is better” (sin) and made it possible for us to connect with God directly.  


We believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day and then went on to ascend back into Heaven, where He is once again united with God and reigns over everything with Him.


We believe God created men and women in His image.  This is another thing that we do not yet fully understand, but we do believe it means we are special and different from everything else; that we are designed to rule over the earth; that we have free will; and that we are designed to be in close community with, and dependent on, God.


We believe that the devil is real and seeks to steal and destroy what God has created.  We believe that mankind chose to believe the devil instead of God.  This gave the devil an authority he should not have had and as a result mankind became separated from God and distorted the original design; mankind became subject to the power of the devil and both a physical and a spiritual death.

We believe that God came to earth as a man, Jesus Christ, and by his death and resurrection He defeated the power of the devil and of death and took back the authority that mankind gave away.

We believe that we now live in an in-between time; the tide has turned but the battle is not over and so we need to learn how to fight.

We believe that this original design; this authority, the close community with God and the ability to live life as God originally designed is now available again because of what Jesus did, and it is freely available to anyone who wants it.  This new life is a gift and does not need to be earned, just accepted.

We believe that God is love and He loves everyone more than they could ever imagine.  We believe that His love is relentless and nothing can ever separate us from it.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, and that He lives in us and is our communication channel to God while we are on this earth.  We believe He was sent to help us live out life as God designed it, and that He is active and working today.  We believe the miracles Jesus performed are possible today through the power of the Holy Spirit (because we have seen them).

-- And that's all we have to say about that ---