About Us

Our story.  What we are and what we are not

A group of guys across Surrey and Berkshire wanting to be real and live in this world as the men God intended us to be.

Our Story

Since 2014 we (a group of Christian men) have been meeting together under the name the "Surrey Wildmen" after going on Wild at Heart courses (based on the book by John Eldridge).  In 2016 we started running these courses ourselves and the results have been amazing.  We have had men healed from additions, anger, depression and demonic spirits.  The resultant impact on their wives/partners/families has been amazing. We have also started running a course called "Become Good Soil" and it has got to the point where it is impossible not to do more.  


The main thing that drives us is a desire to reconnect men with Jesus as the source of life.   We are specific about targeting men because it allows us to provide a safe space to be really honest about the challenges men face; an environment that is extremely rare these days.


We are passionate about rediscovering masculinity as God designed it, and that in turn allows femininity to flourish in it's own right.  We call men to be who God designed them to be and inspire them to live, love, fight, create, invent, adventure and dream as God intended for them.

We are not a counselling group and we are not starting a new church (though we are all part of the wider Church being all followers of Christ)

We are not concerned with the label Christian and we are not aiming to increase the number of people with such a label, but we are totally about the heart of man and connecting it with God.  It is not about teaching or defending a certain doctrine but it is about experiencing God and helping people walk more closely with him.


Meet the team

Murray - bio pic_edited.jpg

Iron fist in velvet glove. 100% biased towards action.  Murray loves Jesus, a problem and being told it can't be done!


Murray Callander

Terry - bio pic.jpg

God gave the vision for the Chainbreakers event to Terry in 2018 and he is the driving force behind the event through his passion and over 25 years experience in making things happen.

Ice breaker

Terry Shepherd

Alan White bio pic_edited.jpg

If you want ducks in a row, Alan is your man.  If you need someone to make sure everything gets done on time, call Alan.

Drill Sergeant

Alan White


From leading expeditions in South America to leading a school and carrying the responsibility for Safeguarding, Gareth is a gifted teacher with a passion for hearts and the outdoors.

Master of Fire

Gareth Tindall

Andrew Bliesner bio pic_edited.jpg

Andy builds companies that run events.  A prophet with a rare ability to handle big picture and minute detail at the same time combined with unparalleled commitment to deliver.  Andrew hears from God and makes stuff happen.


Andrew Bliesner

Greg Lynn bio pic_edited.jpg

Greg has put on events in the Albert Hall and Wembley.  Communication is an art and Greg is an artist.

Messaging Artist

Greg Lynn

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We can't print money but everyone will be paid and everything will be accounted for because Mark is on it.

Chief Economist

Mark West


Steve can turn his hand to anything but never chases the credit.  An inspiration of unfailing support, Steve loves rugby and is an encourager mentor to many.  


Steve Morrey