How do you fight mind control - Part 2

If you're anything like me, your mind is full of stuff most of the time. In the last couple of years it feels like I have woken up to the battle that is going on for control of my mind.

The devil is bombarding me with thoughts, and, worse still, feelings and emotions! This last one is so unfair! Ever since I was born my feelings have been the only thing I have ever trusted.

My feelings are my reality. They got me fed and looked after as a baby. They found me a wife. They give meaning to my life. But now it seems there is a traitor in the camp! This means how I feel is no longer a good guide to what is true or real.

Jessica Jones realises that Killgrave can no-longer control her and suddenly her fear is gone. But she is the only one. Jessica has to save her sister from desperately trying to put a bullet in her head. A neighbour slits his own throat. Killgrave's mother stabs herself to death. They didn't want to do it but they couldn't stop themselves.

Fortunately its not the same for us. We have to agree with the suggestion first. And this my friends is how we must learn to fight mind control.