How do you fight mind control - Part 1

A girl is abducted and then found in a hotel room chained to a bed. She doesn't want to be rescued. When she is finally reunited with her parents she pulls out a gun and kills them both. She claims that she was made to do it by a man that took over her mind but no-one will believe her. Except Jessica Jones.

Killgrave is Jessica Jones' arch enemy. His gift is his ability to control people's minds and make them do whatever he wants. He once held Jessica Jones captive and she still has the physical scar where he made her [start to] cut her own ear off; and the mental scars from when she killed Riva (Luke Cage's wife). She escaped when Killgrave was killed (or so she thought) but now he's back.

How do you get people to believe in mind control when there is no physical evidence. And how can you put Killgrave in jail if he can just control the mind of anyone who gets near him. And even if you could arrest him, how could you convict him because no-one is beyond his power.

Hmm, an interesting hypothetical conundrum I thought. Then I realised this is actually real! This is the battle we live in daily. Our minds are being influenced and very few of us every realise it. If you believe in God and are trying to follow Jesus, you are Jessica Jones and the devil is Killgrave.