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Who We Are

A sometimes organised group of men in Surrey and Berkshire who think Jesus is awesome and are on an adventure with Him.  We run courses  and try and organise stuff that stirs our souls and inspires us to keep going.  We are passionate about freeing others to become the men God designed them to be


We are

We are all followers of Jesus (Christians) trying to do more of the amazing stuff Jesus did, like healing people, casting out demons and raising the dead.

We are guys from all walks of life.  We are honest about our failings but we focus on our strengths and who we are becoming. 

We are not

We are not a counselling or support group.  We are not religious. We don't value rules above people.  We are not a new church.  We are not trying to fix people

Get free not fixed

We run courses like Wild at Heart that are brilliant at helping you discover your design and what brings you alive

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Regular stuff

We run events like fire nights and we go to events run by others

Get in Touch

"We are what we repeatedly do."

Will Durrant (honestly, it wasn't Aristotle)

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